Technopagan is Robert Lopez, singing, playing the guitar, the bass, and what they like to call the Andy cans, and Carol Lopez, singing, playing her micro korg as a lead instrument, a rhythm instrument, and a bass. 

They have been playing together for over 30 years starting with a top 40 band called Serene in the early 80's. Carol was itching to develop and play some of her original tunes, so they ventured off on their own and started their first original band with the Beaver brothers, Mike on drums, and Walt on bass, while Rob played guitar and Carol sang. The Beaver brothers wanted to call the band "Beaver Bop" but Carol was adamantly against it for obvious reasons, so they eventually settled on the uninspiring "Four Parts". They were a sloppy blues based rock band somewhat reminiscent of "Big Brother and the Holding Company", Janis Joplin's band.

The next original band they fronted was called "The Grip" with Brian Malfitano on Bass and David Carrazales on the drums. They continued in the blues based tradition, with a bit of a harder edge. David was a hard hitting drummer with his main influence being John Bonham from Led Zepplin. Carol liked to refer to him as Demon Dave. He played with great precision and thus they had a tighter sound this time around. Brian was good natured and brought a positive vibe to the band.
"Metal of the Road" was the next band they fronted. It was basically the same band with just a different Bassist. Eric Fahr took over on the bass and proved to be a great asset to the band, not only because of his playing ability, but his outgoing personality which came in handy for PR reasons. As you can see by the photo, they were starting to take themselves pretty seriously and in the 80's and that probably wasn't the best timing when the whole blues based rock vibe was starting to morph into big hair rock. Most the bands they idolized in the 70's had either broken up, or if they were still playing, they tried to fit into what rock was in the 80's and the bluesy vibe just wasn't appreciated on the same level that it had been in the 70's.
              Dig Carol's angst and wanna be rock star vibe!           
 And yes, Rob still uses that guitar!
They got a little creative with their flyers during the pre photo-shop era when cut and paste really meant cut and paste.....dig these classics....